We are just one day from completing our 12-day Yoga Challenge. Today’s Yoga Challenge are Standing Poses and Triangle Pose.

Standing poses in yoga are beneficial for improving your posture, strengthening your legs and stretching your entire body. Standing Poses are the foundation of many poses. It is important to concentrate on your alignment in these standing poses in yoga to achieve the full benefits of the poses.

Warrior II is a very good pose for strengthening and stretching the legs, ankles, shoulders and arms. It enhances balance on both sides of the body, expands the chest, encourages deeper breathing and improves coordination and concentration. Warrior II was my yoga pose for the month of November 2009. Click the link to read more about the pose.

The Triangle pose gives an excellent and complete stretch throughout the entire body as it stretches the hamstrings, the hips and the calves, improves overall balance and also strengthens the lower back. Click this link to read more about the Triangle pose which was my yoga pose for the month of April 2009.

Visit Yoga Bear website to watch the video on the poses and remember to ground your foundation as you do the poses, keeping your awareness of the body and the breath.